SQL Server upgrade advisor tool is used to upgrade SQL Server from earlier version to SQL Server 2014. This will helps you to generate a report that identifies issues to fix either before or after you upgrade.

There are three tools will be displayed while you run the SQL Server upgrade advisor tool in the home page

     ⦁    Upgrade Advisor Analysis Wizard
     ⦁    Upgrade Advisor Report Viewer
     ⦁    Upgrade Advisor Help

The first time that you use Upgrade Advisor, run the Upgrade Advisor Analysis Wizard to analyze SQL Server components. When the wizard finishes the analysis, view the resulting reports in the Upgrade Advisor Report Viewer. Each report provides links to information in Upgrade Advisor Help that will help you fix or reduce the effect of the known issues.

Upgrade Advisor analyzes the following SQL Server components:

     ⦁    Database Engine
     ⦁    Analysis Services
     ⦁    Reporting Services
     ⦁    Integration Services

The analysis examines objects that can be accessed, such as scripts, stored procedures, triggers, and trace files. Upgrade Advisor cannot analyze desktop applications or encrypted stored procedures.


Download SQLUA.msi file from the Web, you can then run installation. After you installed SQL Server Upgrade Advisor.

Go to Start button, and then move to All Programs, point to Microsoft SQL Server 2014, and then click SQL Server 2014 Upgrade Advisor.

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