You have to create one dummy account and refresh the same every 1 min. Whenever the date will change it will reflects in the side menu bar, immediately login to your original account and reschedule the appointment.

Do auto refresh and just monitor the first available appointment date change in the left menu.

If you are interested please provide below details to

Just follow the below steps for auto refresh.

Create a dummy account as mentioned in the "How to create dummy application for visa appointment."

Then go to the below link.

In the first text box you have to give the below URL.

In the second box select 60 Seconds at first

Click "start auto refreshing"

In the next page you can able to see Login page of the appointment portal.

Login with your dummy account.

In the top of the page you can able to see stop and edit buttons

Click on Edit and just change the time as 5 or 10 seconds.

After that you just monitor the date. Once you get your date click on stop and then logout.

Open new window login with your original account and reschedule the appointment.

If any help required Contact us inner i india.


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