The Views folder stores the files (HTML files) related to the display of the application (the user interfaces). These files may have the extensions html, asp, aspx, cshtml, and vbhtml, depending on the language content.

The Views folder contains one folder for each controller.

Visual Web Developer has created an Account folder, a Home folder, and a Shared folder.

The Account folder contains pages for registering and logging in to user accounts.

The Home folder stores application pages like the index page (home page) and the about page.

The Shared folder is used to store views shared between controllers (master pages and layout pages).

view model represents the data that you want to display on your view/page, whether it be used for static text or for input values (like textboxes and dropdown lists) that can be added to the database (or edited). It is something different than your domain model. It is a model for the view.

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