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We introduced this forum to help people those who are renew Indian passport or apply new passport for some reason in USA. Please post and share your queris and experience here and get answer from experienced people. Hope this form will help you lot.

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Please help any link to renew my spouse passport in New york


Try Chrome browser it will work

I was applying for passport renewal for my daughter and was filing the form on CKGS site. I opted for Shipping also from CKGS and chose the option "FedEx Standard Overnight service" I entered the address however when I click on perform address check, I get a message that "It seems address entered by you is incorrect ...."

Your visa stamping is enough, no need of I-797, if you don't have I-797 then you can show your valid visa.

Hi All,

I want to renew my passport going to expire with in 1 year, I don't have my original I-797 but I have my visa stamped in my passport. They mentioned I-797 in their site please advise

I have one question. From the date of Passport Dispatched to Applicant that is updated in BLS website, how long does it take to reach passport back to recipient. Do they dispatch it on same day or there is some delay? 

Thanks !!!

There is lot of interesting informations here, much appreciated for that. I see that one of the member above have send all the necessary documents via mail to the sanfran consulate, and I have the regarding the documents: 

1. For the proof of residence utility bills and drivers license are accepted, so are we suppose to send US utility bills or Indian utility bills? 

2. When I print out the form it has a field called "County of Domicile", so which address needs to be in there? Your response is much appreciated! 


My passport has exhausted all empty pages. My passport is valid until 2016. When I arrived at VFS Melbourne, I was asked to apply for a new passport instead of attaching an additonal booklet. To my surprise they said it will take ATLEAST 8 weeks to get my passport back!! It has been 6 weeks now and still waiting. I keep my fingers crossed. I need to visit Europe and US on official trips. My job is at risk if I don’t get my passport soon. I don’t understand why the fuck on the earth they need 2 months time to issue a new passport in replacement for a valid current passport??

I applied for my passport renewal at San Francisco cgi They said they need to verify my Indian address before issuing my new passport, and they didn't give me a definite date. They said they will call me when it is ready. Is it a new rule or its just random pick? Has anyone experienced it before?

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