Here we discuss how to schedule an US visa appointment in India. Before scheduling an appointment finish DS-160 online application.

Keep in ready the following information’s

DS-160 Confirmation number (Ex:AAXXXAAXXU)
Applicant's passport number
Visa fees
Petition number (Form I-797, Ex:EAC-XX-XXX-XXXXX)
Go to the below URL

Click on new user and then create your user login details.

Then login with the user name and password, in the home page click on "New Application/Schedule Appointment" link.

Then select Visa type as Nonimmigrant Visa in step 1 and then click Continue.

Then select your state in step 2 and then click on Continue.

Then select Language of interview as listed in step 3, and then click on Continue.(For H4 you can select any language as listed, for H1 English).

Select visa category and then Continue.

Here you have to select the Visa Class (Ex: H-1B, H-4, L-1..) then click Continue.

In step 6 you just verify all your information and then click Continue.

After that it takes to Step 5 page, here you need to provide information for 4 sections as below.

  • Passport details

  • Contact information

  • Mailing Address

  • Petitioner

We will see one by one

Passport Details:

In this section you have to fill the applicant passport details like Passport number, Passport issue date etc.

DS-160 Confirmation number you have to enter the applicant DS-160 Confirmation number, it will be AAXXXAAXXU like this in the DS-160 Confirmation page.

Contact Information:

You have to give the India contact number and your mail id.

Mailing Address:

Here you have to give your home address (India address).

Principle Applicant's Name: If you applying for your spouse and kids then give your name. Principle Applicant's Visa Class: You have to select principle applicant's visa class(Ex:H1B, L1B etc.)


In this section you have to fill the four details

Petitioner's Name is your Employer name (Company name)
Start Date is your petition valid start date (available in I-797)
Receipt Number is your petition number; it's available in I-797 form (EAC-XX-XXX-XXXXX)
Expiration Date is the end date of your I-797.

After fill the above details then click Continue.

There will be an "Add By Name" button, you can click and add your Spouse and Child details.

Popup will appear you have to fill the details of your spouse or Child. You can add more than one child clicking "Add By Name" button.

Then click on Continue.

After that you can pay the fees, while click on payment they will provide Bank of America account number and IFSC code.

They will provide all the information once you click the payment. Note all the details and add the account. (Note: It’s a current account, select account type as current account while adding.)

Add the account and transfer the fees. After that you have to wait 4 or 5 hours it will automatically updated in your account.

Click on Continue button, it will takes to the appointment calendar page after selecting 3 or 4 option question pages.

Then Schedule an appointment.

You are done.

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