Here we will see how to create a dummy application and we use the same for checking First available appointment date frequently. This will also help you if members is more than one. Under the Family Details there is mentioned Members. (Ex. Members: 2). You can get the correct available date as per the members.

Just follow the below steps you can create a dummy account.

Go to the below URL, then click on Login.

In the Login page there is a New User link. Click on that and then it takes to the registration page.

Fill the registration and login with the dummy account.

Click on New Application/Schedule Appointment link in the menu bar

Fill and continue upto step 5.

In step 5 give the dummy values in

W Passport details
W Contact information
W Mailing Address

You can fill with dummy values in the Passport section


Passport Number:*  G123456 - it should be in the format

DS-160 Confirmation Number:*  AA006434V8 - give some dummy numbers like this.

Give the dummy values in the other fields too.

Everyone have doubt in Petitioner section. You can give your original Receipt number, Start date and End date. Petitioner's Name is your Employeer name

Click Continue


Then add spouse and child details as dummy values save it and then Logout.

Note : Until Submit you won't have any issue.

Now you can Login using the URL

Now you can able to see exact members in the members section.

Continue refresh you will get the first available date.

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