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I-140 approved and in India, need to know the options.

Hello Friends/experts, Need advice I used to work in USA till April 2017. Till that time my 6 years got completed on h1b visa. Then I came back to India. My employer in USA worked on my perm and other stuff and it got approved in December 2017. They have my approved I 140 and I have a copy of that. I want to know what can be done if I want to go back to USA? My employer told me that due to current administrations they don’t want to take the risk and they are not looking for any opportunity for me so they have not yet applied for my H1b extension as without job letter/client letter it cannot be doneIt will be really helpful if someone can guide me, what options are available for me if I want to come back to USA?


I need one clarification:

I have approved I140 with company A with recently approved extension till 2020. My wife also got H4 extension as well EAD.I got offer from company B, so my question is if I move to company B, company B will start Labor application .What happens to H4 EAD, can my wife work when moved to B meanwhile , or she has to wait till company B completes new Labor and I140 process.


I am on L1A and my wife's I140 is in process to file. Does anybody know how to file L1-H4 COS with EAD. It would be real help if someone can provide the detailed steps.Note: I am assuming that I can file COS and EAD on my own and do not require attorney for it.

Thanks in Anticipation.

If someone could explain. Will my spouse qualify to apply for H4 - EAD? I have an approved I-140 and my New H1b visa is valid from 10/19/2015 - 10/18/2018. Waiting to hear some advice on this regard. Thanks! :)

I have applied H4 EAD on Jan 31st and files received Tx office on 2/2. I dont have any update after that; NO EAC number or alerts, etc.. Do you know how long it takes receive EAC number

1. Just copy of approval notice is enough to apply.

2. You don't need any job offer in hand to apply for EAD.

3. No fingerprinting is needed for H4 EAD. Your wife has to sign the I-765 application, thats all.

Hi everyone,

My I-140 is to be filed soon. My questions are:1. Do I need the paper approval of the I-140 (which might take few days to arrive) or can I print the approval online and submit that? Time is of essence since the job starts soon so was wondering if I can save time.2. Does my wife need a job or do we have to specify nature of job while applying for EAD3. Just want to confirm that we do not need fingerprinting for H4 EAD

Thank you for your time!

Applied for h4 ead on Nov 3rd (Vermont Service Center). I raised first SR on 77th day and another one on 90th day. Today I got an e-mail that they have put my case on hold and they will take decision once they receive the results of the pending Security checks. Any idea how long it will take to get the results of the security check? Any of you have gone through the same situation?

I have I-140 approved and my wife has H4. She recently got H4 EAD and currently working.Now if I change my H1B Employer.1) Will her EAD be still active or will be revoked.2) If my new Employer does not apply for I-140 for some time and my wife's EAD is nearing to Expiration. Can I ask for Renewal using existing I-140 .

I am on h1 and my wife on H 4. We are waiting for 485 filing in dec and expecting an ead sometime in jan/ feb. if my wife applies for ssn on the ead, will she be out of the h4 status automatically?


As far as I know, there is a legislation that USCIS is considering where they are planning to give EAD to H4 Visa holders whose primary applicant (H1) has extended their Visa stay beyond 6 yrs (since they are in the green card process). This has not happened yet.Can you share more details on your case? When did you go for interview? Do you even have a social security number. Without SSN, you cannot apply for EAD.



I'm a H4 visa... I get this type of visa 2 week ago. In the interview the consul told me, Now you can work, just need to get an Employment Authorization (I 765 form) and then applied for a job, so, I'm looking in internet but I didn´t find anything, I mean, all say H4 can´t work.Anybody has a news of this?

At least the article in the link seems something might happen next year. Let's hope there's light at the end of the tunnel. I have already tried the H1 route and had a bad experience, so left that option out.

I've only heard some companies and people petition for this for several years, but nothing has happened. I doubt anything will be happening anytime soon.As for your wife, nothing prevents her from getting hired by a company sponsoring H1. She can also use this time to go to school here on an F1.


My wife has an MBA (from India), but not eligible to work in U.S. since she is on H4.I read somewhere online that USCIS is considering granting EAD to H4 Visa holders. I even found some online petition signed by lot of H4 Visa holders who are well qualified but couldn't work and contribute to the economy due to the U.S. Immigration policy. Its actually quite hippocritic when we hear L2 holders are eligible to work, whereas H4 holders are not.If anyone has heard about this, has more information and could share some details in this forum, this could be an informative thread.

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